Stiizy Oil Pen Test – Everything Easy Peasy?

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The market for portable oil vaporizers like the  Pax Era , G Pen Gio , and Kandypens Rubi is currently exploding. They are comfortable and mobile like never before. This time we take a look at the Stiiizy and see how it behaves compared to the others. With a 210mAh battery, a replaceable pod system and easy operation, it seems to be a good […]

Stiiizy: All About The Leak-Free Vape Pen

Stiiizy is a company that strives to revolutionize the cannabis industry. The company is renowned for its vape pods delivery systems that help cannabis enthusiasts get the most out of their products. Stiiizy: The Highlights Stiiizy produces a leak-free, user-friendly vaping experience. The company’s THC vape pods are appreciated by both novice and veteran cannabis […]

The Stiiizy Battery Starter Kit & Biiig Guide

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The Stiiizy Battery or Starter Kit What is it? It’s a rechargeable battery that connects to their Stiiizy Pods. The Pod is a cannabis concentrate cartridge that is activated by the battery. Once connected to the battery, the pod is activated and the user can smoke the pod by inhaling through the pods’ mouthpiece orally. […]